Department for LED and European Integration

Department is established in 2009, as the integral part of Mayor´s Office

Department represents the key entity responsible for development processes at Teslic municipality area, implementing development strategies, raising of donors funds and attracting of domestic and foreign investors .

The main goal of this Department is to help decreasing the unemployment as well as to improve the quality of life of Teslic municipality citizens.

Organizational structure

Development Department consists of the team of skilled, energic and talented young people whose acting contribute to the development of Teslic municipality.

-Head of Department
-Independent Senior Associate for Investments, development programmes and business zones
-Independent Senior Associate for drafting and conducting of programmes and projects in tourism and environment protection
-Independent Senior Associate for drafting and conducting of programmes and projects in agriculture and rural development
-Independent Senior Associate for cooperation with domestic and international institutions and organizations

Who is Development Department cooperating with?

  • Tight cooperation with Mayor of Teslic municipality and all the organizational units within the Municipal administration of Teslic
  • Cooperation with local enterpreneurs
  • Cooperation with development and investment Agencies at regional, entity and state level
  • Periodical cooperation with agricultural producers from Teslic municipality
  • Cooperation with public institutions from Teslic municipality area
  • Cooperation with domestic and international organizations

What are the main tasks of this department?

  • Permanent colaboration with local enterpreneurs
  • Fostering of and service to local enterpreneurs to expand their capacity
  • Active participation in drafting of investment elaborates and developing of business zones
  • Creating the conditions for Business friendly investment climate in Teslic municipality,
  • Attracting of domestic and foreign investors
  • Communication and negotiation with potential domestic and foreign investors
  • Developing, writing and realization of projects funded by domestic, European and other international institutions, Funds and organizations
  • Collecting, processing and analysing of data important for mapping the priorities in Municipal administration
  • Direct participation in developing,realization and monitoring of strategic and sectors documents of the Municipality of Teslic
  • Promotion of potentials of Teslic municipality

What we have done till now?

Since its foundation, almost 30 donor projects have been implemented in sector of agriculture, tourism, social inclusion, education, rural development, environment protection and building of infrastructure

Some of the most significant projects are : COBEAR (530.000 Eur); Wood metal academy (110.000 Eur); LOD III (100.000 Eur); Socialisation of pre- school age children in rural area (50.000 Eur); Public works(75.000 Eur); Housing of Roma people(145.000 Eur).

More than 150 workers have been temporary employed and constructed 5 new houses for homeless Roma families.

Since its founding, Development Department has helped local economic development drafting the supporting programmes and cooperation with both local enterpreneurs and investors