Welcome to Teslic

Opština Teslić

At the very end of the 14 centery, at the peak of the second industrial revolution, Teslic town was born as a pioneer of industralization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Placed in valley between two rivers, surrounded by mountain ranges the town developed parallelly with the chemical and wood processing industry. The fact that 50% of municipality is covered with the highest quality woods available in Balcan helped rising of these industries. Beside forests, the municipatlity is rich with agriculture land, termomineral and fresh waters.

pruga usora-teslić

Until the middle of 20 centery Teslic became one of the most developed industrial towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Chemical and wood processing industry as the carriers of development were support for development of metal processing, textile, footwear and food industry as well as construction and tourism. Hard work, responsability and dedication to work are the main characteristics of population in Teslic and one of the key factors of municipality development. Today, Teslic is considered to be industrial-touristic destination with the accent on tradition.

In geostrategic position, Teslic is placed in the middle part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Placed here it is only 100 km away from EU with which is connected by regional road. International railway terminal is only 30 km away while the nearest international seaport is 330 km distant. In circle of 160 km there are three airports responsible for communication between the passengers and the rest of the world.

Mapa Teslić

Combination of tradition, natural wealth and motivated labourforce altogether with geographical position make this municipality interesting for all kinds of investors. We can also add sound policy of local municipality which is opened for investers and which has fexibile approach to every new investment.

If wood processing is your industrial sector, you are on the right place! The most of population is employed in wood processing. Knowledge and quality of wood processing and finishing is recognizable in almost the entire world and that is why great world companies indicate the confidence to enterprises in Teslic related to this area. Potentials are enormous, from sawmill wood processing up to final wood processing and furniture production. Advantage of investing in this industry in Teslic is primarly because of great and various forest resorces, and also because of qualified and favorable labourforce. The proof of success are enterprises from Teslic whose products are highly apriciated from West Europe all the way up to Far East.

Textile-footwear sector also represents a good investment opportunity because it has the lowest price of output in whole Europe thanks to entity subvention which has lowprice of calculation of contribution for employers` salaries. The fact that great world brands have their products made by enterprises in Teslic, who show responsibility towards indicated trust, tells us that you can have lowprice and high quality output.

Metal processing and food industry are, of course, also unavoidable and frequent subject of interest of foreign investors because of good geografic position and also easy available row materials and human resources.

Extremly high quality arable agroculture land is suitable for various crop and fruit breeding. You can also invest in agroculture for organic vegetable breeding as well as fruit breeding like apple, pear, plum, chestnut and raspberry and investing in purchasable and distributational stations. Pasture resorces make Teslic suitable for cattle-breeding and poultry farming, while fresh water resources makes it possible to invest in fresh water fish farming.

Teslic is reputable as well as touristic destination. Thanks to thermal and mineral springs, the most developed branch of tourism respresents health tourism with accent on rehabilitation and cardio-vascular desease treatment. Then, there are congress tourism, religious tourism and mountaineering.

There are also great possibilities of investing in rural tourism, as well as mountaineering , which is becoming more and more interesting to tourists from the countries of West Europe. Also, the fact that many privilege measures for new investitions are adopted tell us that local government is opened towards new investitions. These privileges are subvention for every new work place as well as subvention for credit interest, low price leaseholding or land purchace, fast and cheap registration of companies and flexibile approach of local municipality towards every new investor`s request. It is important to mention and other privileges and these are: the lowest income tax in region, no double taxes, low costs of business activities, entity and governmental subvention. It is also important to emphasize potential investments in public-private partnerships for establishing of business zones, heating system of the town, waste processing system, mini hydroelectric power stations as well as solar power stations.

Municipality with industrial tradition, untouched natural wealth, cultural, sport and touristic center welcomes you all. Welcome to Teslic, yours and our town.