Economic council

What is Economic council?

Economic council is the joint entity consisting of representatives of private sector(owners and executive directors of local small,medium and large enterprises),public sector (municipal government and other authorities at local level) and organisations of civil society.

The main function of Economic council is fostering of Public and Private Dialogue (PPD) and in order to create the favourable business ambient at the municipal area. PPD represents all the forms of the interaction between the public and private sector with final goal –participation of private sector in process of decision making at local level, and it is one of the key preconditions for business friendly environment and sustainable development of Teslic municipality.

Establishing and managing of PPD represents the significant part of functioning of local government. In order to establish as more qualitative dialogue, Municipality of Teslic founded Economy council. Decision on founding of Economic council of Teslic municipality was adopted by the Parliament of Teslic municipality at the session held on 27th December 2013 („Official gazette of Teslic municipality“, No.14/13)

The role of Economic council

  • Regular delivery of the information to public and private sector
  • Considering of important issues regarding the local economic development and improvement of business environment
  • Suggestion of the measures that contribute development of the community and improving of business climate
  • Discussion on suggestions of private sector focused at dvelopment issues important to the local community
  • Discussion on measures and initiatives concerning the economy sectors from higher levels of government
  • Considering of initiatives for partners’projects and participation in project implementations

Structure of the Economic council

Economic council consists of 10 representatives from private sector, 7 representatives from public sector and 1 representative from civil society organisations. Members of the Economic council from private sector are elected by the secret ballots at sectors’ meetings.


  • Wood processing and furniture production
  • Processing of leather,footwear and textile
  • Metal processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Tourism and catering
  • Food processing and primary production
  • Graphic arts and paper and plastics processing
  • Transportation service and shipping
  • Civil engineering, design and engineering
  • Financial service and insurance

Representatives of public sector are elected according to the functions:

  • Mayor
  • Head of Department of economy and social affairs
  • Head of Department of finance
  • Head of Department of development and investments
  • Director of public utility company“Komunalac“ a.d.Teslic
  • Director of public utility company „Rad”a.d.
  • Director of Tourist organisation of Teslic municipality