Local Administration


Teslic municipality is the basic unit of local self-government, in which citizens directly and through their freely and democratically elected representatives, participate in the realization of common interests and where the bodies of municipality within the law manage the affairs from the independent authority of the municipality and execute state administration affaires transferred to them by law.

Municipal bodies are: the Municipal Assembly, as the decision-making and policy-making body and the Municipal Mayor as the executive authority.
To perform tasks within its competence, respecting specific law on local self-government and the Municipal Statute Teslic, Mayor, adopted decision on establishment of municipal administrative services Teslic, consisted of 8 departments:

1. Department of General Administration with the legal aid service;
2. Department of Urban Planning;
3. Department of Housing – Communal Affairs;
4. Department of Economy and Agriculture;
5. Department of Veterans – disabled protection;
6. Department of Finance;
7. Department of Inspections;
8. Deparment of Social Services

and 3 organizational units:

1. Municipal assembly support service;
2. Mayor’s Office (cabinet),
3. Service for common affairs.

Rulebook on organization and systematization of work places in the Municipal Administrative Service Teslic systematized the positions of all employees stating the job description they perform.

Within the Municipal Administrative Service of the Municipality of Teslic, Department for Local Economic Development and European Integration has been formed, which is located within the Department of Economy and Agriculture , with task, among others, to participate in the preparation of municipal development strategies, as well as in the definition and implementation of policies of local and regional development.