Transportation (Roads) infrastructure

Railway station in Doboj is the nearest railstation to Teslic municipality and it is 25km away from Teslic, while  Mahovljani Airport  is  the  neraest  airport  with  distance 100km  from Teslic. Road transportation and traffic are of great importance for Teslic municipality area. Its importance lies in the fact that Teslic municipality spreads on large area and some settlements are significantly far from urban area.
Road network consist of roadway M-4,  regional roads Tedin Han-Bistricak (P-473) and Klupe –Snjegotina (P-476), local roads, uncategorized roads, sidewalks and pedestrian paths.

Teslic municipality is situated by the roadway M-4 that connects Doboj and Banja Luka and also represents the most significant road of this municipality. It is 25km far from Doboj and 85km from Banja Luka. Directly, this roadway connects nine settlements of Teslic municipality area. Also, two regional roads (P-473 and P 476) passes through Teslic area connecting large numerous populated settlements  There are ten road directions of local roads in total length of 99,4km, of which 77km are asphalt covered . 26km of local roads were modernized within the period of last five years (2010-2015). The total length of unclassified roads is 625 km with 109km asphalt covered roads.



The major part of Teslic municipality is covered with well developed landline telephony and mobile network. Cable underground network is also laid at the most part of Teslic municipality area. Telecommunication operators M’tel, HT Eronet and BH Telekom cover Teslic municipality area with its services  and  70% of this territory is provided by M’tel operator services.

Media TV broadcasting companies with its reporters in Teslic are Radio Televizija Republike Srpske(RTRS), Elta TV and TV K3. Teslic-based Radio station Studio M, newsletter of Municipal administration „Teslicke novosti“ and five Internet informative portals  regularly follow all the events and happenings from Teslic municipality area.

Compared with period 2009-2010, the capacities like installed Internet connections and number of customers are increased in period from 2010-2015. The capacity increased with 367%  from 1334 Internet connections in 2009 to 6228 connections  in 2015. The number of  Internet connected customers increased from 2200 in 2009 year up to the 4505 customers registered in 2015, i.e. increase of 104%.

Energy infrastructure

Annual consumption of electricity at the area of Teslic municipality is cca 85,000.000kWh and comprise 18.300 customers ,included 17.000 households. By the middle of 2015, it was reconstructed and modernized 45% of total distribution power grid at  municipality area. Within the period 2010-2015 the annual energy consumption was increased, as well as the number of the customers ( around 800 more,included 500 households) and additional 10% of the power grid was reconstructed.

Power is provided via two 110kV power lines from directions of Doboj and Stanari.Besides, there are two 10kV power lines from the small hydroelectric power plants „Ziraja“, „Velika Jasenica“ and „Zezelja“ at wide area of village Blatnica.

Transformation of electricity is performed using knotted TC 110/35/10kV with installed two transformers 110/35 kV with 20MVA  power and two transformers 35/10 kV with 8MVA. Additionally, three TC 35/10kV, 246TC 10/04 kV , the property of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske, 33TC 10/04 kV and single TC 35/10 kV –the property of the electricity customers.


Utility infrastructure

Company „Rad“ a.d.Teslic manages with water supply system and sewerage system in Teslic area.

The main source of the water being distributed through the pipeline system is at the river Velika Usora. The total quantity of processed water is 1,179.000 m3 annually, and total capacity of water intake is up to 100L/s.

Production of drinking water is operated in water cleaning facility (filter station) 8km far from Teslic urban area in settlement Studenci.

The length of distribution water supply network isincreased for 7km  within the period 2011-2014 (101km in 2011, compared with 108km in 2014). From 2011 to 2014, it was built 7,096km of water supply network and total number of connections to the pipeline increased for 6,51%(8.629 connections in 2014  compared to 8.101 connections in 2011). Total loss of the water in wter supply system are decreased for 39,85% in observed period.

Collecting of waste and waste disposal is organized as the regular activity for the urban area and all the settlement in suburban area, as well as for the large local communities (Pribinic, Cecava,Blatnica).

Company „Komunalac“ a.d.Teslic continually worked at the expanding of the territory covered with organised waste collection from 2010-2015. Owing to that, besides the previously mentioned communities, waste collection is also organized in following settlements: Rajseva, Krivaja, Buletic, Zarkovina, Vrela,Gornji Rankovic,Osivica, Ukrinica, Ruzevic, Gomjenica,  Vlajici, Jasenova, Gusti Teslic, Barici, Jasenica, Mladikovine(part of),Bezlja and Slatina.

In recent five years, the capacities of „Komunalac“ company are increased providing one truck (currently,disposing with 5 trucks), and regular annual procurement of containers for the waste, building the open garages for the company and at the waste disposaL site. Waste disposal site was extended during the past years. Concerning the collection procedure, selection and disposal of the waste there were no significant changes in past five years.

Collecting and transport of the waste is operated without the selection of useful waste. Disposal of the waste is being performed at the dump called „Lucinac“, 4km far from Teslic downtown, with annual  disposed 100 m3 of waste.

The most significant natural resources of Teslic municipality are:

  • forests
  • agricultural land
  • water potentials, especially healing mineral water
  • mineral raw materials

Forests are the most important natural resource of Teslic municipality, with rate of 5% in total forest resource of the Republic of Srpska, wich is very significant percent considering the fact that Teslic municipality takes the area of 3% of the territory and 3% of population of the Republic of Srpska.

Forest land of Teslic municipality including the land in state and private property  covers the area 57.912,94ha, i.e. 68% of total area . High forests with natural regeneration spread on 60,56% of total forest area.

Teslic disposes with water resources –surface water, accumulation of underground water and sources of mineral and thermal waters.Total length of all the river streams at Teslic area is 237km. The largest watercourse represents river Usora  with length of 50,3km.

In the Lake of Gomjenica (cca 0,65ha area,total quantity of water cca 20.000m3) can be found the carp fish and the pike, that are artifficially settled by the fishermen.

The most significant resource of Teslic are healing mineral waters (Banja Vrucica,Vlajici). These resources helped development of healtha and recreative tourism , singling out Banja Vrucica as an extraordinary potential.

Agricultural land covers 41.523ha, including fallow land and uncultivated land, expressed as 49,08% of total area of the municipality. 

44,7% of agricultural land are arable land.  Arable agricultural land and pastures are available for development of agriculture sectors such as farming, fruit production, vegetable production and livestock breeding.

Caratheristics  of  agricultural  land  in general is small size of individual parcels. The major part of agricultural holding is approximately 3,5ha with parcels less than 1ha.

Mineral raw materials at Teslic area are the magnesite, the marl, the dolomite, the granite and the limestone.

Considering the profitability of exploiting, the proven quantities are found at the limestone and the granite called Gabbro.

Teslic was ranked as municipality with middle-developed economy until 1992, due to the well developed industry (wood processing, chemical industry, metal-processing, leather and footwear industry, etc.),as well as civil engineering, traffic and trade.

Nowadays, processing industry is one of the most significant economy sectors in Teslic municipality. Under this sector, actively operate 54 legal entities in the territory of Teslic. According to the income achieved from the sales and number of the employees, the most acclaimed are:

  • Wood processing industry  
  • Metal processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Leather and footwear industry
  • Food industry

Wood processing industry

Development of wood processing industry in Teslic municipality derived from the huge potential in forests, and this industry became one of the most prospective economy branches of Teslic municipality.

Until 1992, the key subject of wood processing industry of Teslic was the former conglomerate of Wood processing industry „Borja“ Teslic with significant number of the employees , more than 1.500 workers. This enterprise suffered numerous problems in transition process.

However, specific technical and business skills and experiences developed in this company, as well as the significant capacities in workforce, served in later period as the basis for development of private sector in wood processing industry.

The main products of wood processing industry in Teslic are sawn wood intended as building material,parts for furniture industry, pannels made from massive wood and similar semiproducts.

In this sector and based on achieved revenue, number of the employees and capacities, we highlights four enterprises: „Interlignum“ d.o.o.,“Elgrad“ d.o.o., „Drvo-Commerce“ d.o.o. and „Lignacon“ d.o.o. Characteristics of these four companies are mutually achieved income from the sales of 50millions BAM and more than 815 employees (93,14% of all the employed people in wood industry).

Other companies from Teslic in sector of wood processing industry achieve income from the sale less than 2 million BAM and hire 5 workers approximately.

Total income from the sale in sector of wood processing industry is 64.122.393,00 BAM in 2014, and 44,07% from the total income of processing industry. This includes 29.707.371,00 BAM  from export earnings of goods and services(20,41% of total processing industry income).

Metal processing industry

The basic activity of the enterprises that deal with metal processing in Teslic municipality area is production of metal furniture and structures, processing of INOX, iron and other metals, production of steel barrels and similar steel containers, trade of the products and semiproducts of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, overhaul, installation and maintenance in process industry, shipbuilding and power plants, and construction and installation of all types of the structures and pipelines.

It is important to mention following enterprises from Teslic in metal processing sector: Metal“ d.o.o, „Eurometal“ d.o.o, „Saldatura“ d.o.o. and „GIP 2“ d.o.o.

The largest number of the employed workers have „Metal“(36 employees in 2014) and „GIP2“(29 employees in 2014). An average number of hired workers in „Saldatura“ and „Eurometal“ is between 15 and 17, while other companies in metal processing sector hire from 1-8 people.

Income from the export in total revenue from metal processing industry is 82,28%(6.698.018 BAM export earning in comparison with 8.140.112 BAM of total income of metal processing industry) in 2014. The rate of the income from the export in metal processing industry in total income of processing industry in Teslic amounts 4,60%.

Currently, in metal processing sector in Teslic is employed 126 people (5,45% of all the employees in Teslic).

Textile industry

Sector of textile and leather processing records significant increase in the last few years and fhis sector is becoming more and more important in Teslic’s economy.

The most important company in textile sector is „Devic tekstil“ d.o.o.Teslic, established in 2001, as direct foreign investment of the Croatian company „Devic“ d.o.o. Zagreb.

„Devic“ company produces cotton underwear of high quality and has rounded production process that comprises knitting of the yarn, finishing of the knits, tailoring, sewing,lace making, quality control and packing of final products.

Compared with total number of the employees in processing industry of Teslic , textile industry makes 10,91% . The share of the income from Teslic’s textile sector in total income of processing industry is 10,89% in 2013, and 11,86% in 2014. Also, in total export earning of processing industry, textile industry participates with 2,54% in 2014.

Leather and footwear industry

The most succesful companies that operate in leather and footwear industry in Teslic are „Verdi“d.o.o.(production of leather footwear at the principle of lohn jobs and leather garments), „Skrebic company“ d.o.o.(footwear production) and „Neno“ d.o.o. company (production of Weaving and Braiding ).

The share of the income of leather and footwear industry in total income of processing industry is 5,65% in 2013 and 8,08% in 2014.

In comparison with total number of the employees in processing industry in 2014, leather and footwear industry employ 459 workers (19,87% of total number of the employees in processing industry), i.e. 3,73% more than in 2013.

The value of the export earnings in leather and footwear industry  rank from 5-10 millions BAM, and share of the export revenue in total income of processing industry is 6,79% .

Chemical industry

Joint-stock company Chemical industry „Destilacija“ Teslic was established in 1896, and it represents the most significant company in sector of chemical industry at Teslic area.

The main activity of „Destilacija“ include the production of woodcoal and acetic acid, briquette from woodcoal dust, and production of vinegars, such as aromatic,alcohol, wine and apple vinegar.

The share of the company „Destilacija“ revenue in total income of the processing industry is 10,88% in 2014. Chemical industry „Destilacija“ has 329 people employed in 2014 (14,24% of total number of the employed people in processing industry) which is 7 people more comapred to a year ago.

There is also indicated an increase in total income for 10,48% in 2014, in comparison with income in 2013. The share from the export earnings of „Destilacija“ in its total income is 58,75%, and share in total income of processing industry amounts 6,39%.

Food  industry

Companies that operates in food production at Teslic municipality area are  Meat processing industry „Natura“d.o.o. („Natura Vita“) and Bread and rolls production „Unitas“ d.o.o.

The main activity of „Natura Vita“ company is processing of meat and meat products, durable and semi-durable products, ham, sausage and salami and canned products . The company was established in 2001, in village Blatnica , whose surrounding area is available for food production, farm breeding and dispose  with huge water potentials.

Currently, „Natura Vita“ employs 103 workers, including 10 more employees compared with 2013, and increase of revenue achieved in 2014- 27,25% higher than in 2013.

Company „Unitas“ d.o.o. was established in 1999. Besides its basic activity,production of bread and rolls, additional activity is the production of paper packaging. In 2014, the number of employees in „Unitas“ company was 29. Total revenue of the company in 2014 was increased for 95,01 % compared to a year ago.

The share of revenues from food industry in total revenue of processing industry was 11,88% in 2013, while in 2014 it was 13,20%.

Regarding the number of the employees in food industry, only 6,06% of total number of employees in processing industry in Teslic, recorded in 2014.

Production  of  food industry in Teslic municipality is almost fully realized at domestic market and consequently, there were no export earnings in 2014, while export earning from the services in 2013 was 13.311,00 BAM.