Reasons to invest

Local government support in all stages of doing business

Understanding the role and importance of local government in creating and maintaining a favorable business environment in order to provide better economic development which would lead to an increase in the quality of life of its citizens, Teslic municipality has long been working to create favorable conditions for economic development.

Also, in the work of municipality administration was introduced more flexible organization modeled on the companies organization  based on market principles wherever possible, and all processes are based on the strategic management and planning through joint work with the private sector.

Today, investors in the municipality of Teslic have support in a flexible and business oriented local government that provides support at every stage of the investment and after the start (After Care) and they can count on flexible approach of local government to any demand from investors.

Business Friendly Certificate- a municipality with a Business Friendly Environment

That Teslic is an excellent location to invest teels the fact that from 2015 the Municipality of Teslic is the first municipality in the Republic of Srpska (in addition to the cities of Banja Luka, Prijedor and Bijeljina) that fulfilled all the criteria and thus gained the conditions to be certified and received a certificate of a Business Friendly Environment (BFC SEE), which serves investors as a standardized means to assess local business conditions, indicating which municipalities in the region provide the best investment climate.

A number of perks and benefits when starting a business

The fact that many privilege measures for new investitions are adopted tell us that local government is opened towards new investitions. These privileges are subvention for every new work place as well as subvention for credit interest, low price leaseholding or land purchace, fast and cheap registration of companies.

It is important to mention and other privileges which are: the lowest income tax in region, no double taxes, low costs of business activities, entity and governmental subvention.

European Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/15

One of the reasons for investing in Teslic is the fact that the FDI Magazine, which is published by the renowned Financial Times Group, has selected the BEAR area (BEAR is acronym for Business excellence area (Eng. area of business excellence) – development Initiative of Teslic, Tesanj and Zepce- three communities with an extremely dynamic private sector) as one of the top 10 investment destinations in Europe in the category of cost effectiveness for investors (2014/15).

BEAR area, consisting of Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče municipalities, is fast becoming one of the most popular investment destination in Southeast Europe primarily because of these features:

  • professional support to investors
  • very favourable position – quick and easy access to millions of people,   
  • favourable business costs and incentives for investors,   
  • opportunities for networking and cooperation with existing enterprises,   
  • a competitive and professional labour force with strong motivation,  
  • high standards for life and success.

These features give Teslic, Tesanj and Zepce an edge over other towns in the region.

Fast and Cheap Registration

In cooperation with the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group (International Finance Corporation – IFC) Teslic municipality implemented regulatory reform at the local level in order to minimise administrative fees and procedures.

This way, along with the one-stop business registration system in APIF (Agency for Mediation , and financial services) time and money for registering new company are greatly reduced.

Excellent geo-traffic position and road connections with world markets

Teslic has an excellent geo-traffic position because the time of delivery to the main European markets can be counted in hours / days.

After Croatia joined the EU, Teslic is now located at a distance of 80 kilometers from the border of the EU (border crossing Gradiška) and access to a huge market is enabled without paying customs duties thanks to various trade agreements.

International rail terminal is only 25 km far (Railway and International railway terminal, station Doboj), while the nearest international maritime cargo port (Luka Ploce) is located 330 km from Teslic.

The nearest river port is at a distance of 80 km.

Within 160 km there are three airports (Sarajevo International Airport-160 km, Tuzla International Airport-94 km, International Airport BanjaLuka-92 km).

The construction of Corridor V, which connects Kiev (Ukraine) with the Adriatic Sea via Lviv and Budapest (Hungary), is in progress.

It consists of three branches, and branch Vc follows the European route from Budapest (Hungary) to Ploče (Croatia), via Osijek (Croatia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), intersecting with Corridor X on the route Zagreb – Belgrade.

The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina has the longest part – 335 km – of the Vc branch of this corridor, which extends through its central area, mainly the valleys of the rivers Bosnia and Neretva.

The completion of the Vc corridor will further improve the connection of Bosnia and Herzegovina with neighboring countries, as well as Teslić, which will be only 25 km (Doboj) away from it.